Insights from the Idea Factory

think like an idea factory: act like an innovationalist


“Brantford became my thinking place.”

Alexander Graham Bell said this in 1916.  Brant was riding the waves of business innovation exporting many manufactured goods to global markets.  Massey Harris Co, Cockshutt Plow Co. and what became CCM bicycles were giants. Yet, the transition from industrial manufacturing to more knowledge-intensive businesses was hard.  Today Brant is rebuilding its strengths to build companies that offer quality opportunities, products and services for consumers.  Brantford again needs to be a thinking place for a new generation of organizations and for those who need to reinvent themselves.

  1. Create the capacity to innovate in our business.
  2. Remember our export history; the world needs more Canadian products.
  3. Be bold and keep going.

Bell tried to sell 1000 telephones to an American company. He was told the telephone was, “an interesting novelty with no practical value.” Being the innovator is not easy.

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