In-House Innovation Training, Briefings, Presentations
Manufacturers invest resources in research and development (R&D) to create new ideas, technologies and processes. This grows their capacity to innovate. Consider that most organizations are services full of people, who serve customers in the public, professional and non-profit sectors. Where do they invest to create new ideas, technologies and processes? Start now. Invest time, energy and resources to develop a greater capacity to innovate in your organization.
In-house presentations – one-hour to one-day of professional development

Teams: We are an Idea Factory! Develop teams to boost their skills to innovate; improve collaboration, use idea management tools and shape a culture to foster innovative solutions. Great way to kick off a new project team.

Staff: I am an Idea Factory! Building the skills of staff and managers to solve problems and make decisions. Key themes of the idea factory:

  • Managing my ideas: creating and capturing ideas
  • Managing my thinking style: collaborating effectively
  • Managing my focus: determining where “I” need new ideas to get results

Managers: Stop killing ideas of people who don’t think like you People would be easy to manage if everyone thought alike. Learning to lead and work with people who do not think like you is crucial.  We need to manage cognitive style.

  • Participants use the Kirton Adaption-Innovation thinking style indicator
  • Debrief to gain new insights for managing themselves and others for greater results

Staff fun: The BIG ACME Toy Company A half-day innovation team-building simulation. BIG ACME is in trouble. Teams will learn an innovation process to create ideas to save the business. Ideal to engage staff in a fun way with an innovation process.


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