Leading people, leading ideas Strategies and solutions
Our management culture focuses on managing people. Managing people is very important. Equally important is how we manage our ideas to get results.

True leaders need expertise in managing people and managing ideas. Ideas lead to solutions for customers; new products, services and new strategies.


You can access Ed Bernacki’s international expertise (and associates) for a day, a week or for a specific project. He begins with strategy to shape a more innovative organization. To get started, call 226 450 2808 or email info@edbernacki.ca

Customised Idea Factory “Idea” Design Workshops.

What challenges do you need to solve?

The Idea Factory helps teams conceive new solutions to challenges with half-day or day-long idea factory design sessions.  Each is designed to engage people in the process that leads to solutions using its trademarked approach based on a common understanding of any factory:

  • Raw materials – a well-defined challenge and the right people in the room.
  • Inside the factory – we explore the challenge, develop options, and work toward a result.
  • Shipping the result – we continue until we have a result to ship that solves the challenge.

After fifty Idea Factories, Ed Bernacki wrote, “I am an Idea Factory! A guide for managers.” He worked on innovations for property development concepts, strategies, product problems, staff issues, and many other challenges. A copy is yours for free: email info@EdBernacki.ca

How to lead an innovative business.

Leading for innovation.
Foresight puts the “lead” in leadership. It defines the need for new products, services, and strategies. It supports people. It encourages collaboration. Consulting services include:

  • Innovation audits to explore culture, skills, and vision for innovation.
  • Stepping back from daily challenges to see where change is needed for future results.
  • Strategy based on factors that show what makes innovative business innovative.
  • Review plans, goals and vision to shape a type of 100-Day Strategy with actions.
How to get more staff collaboration

This one-on-one program helps individuals (and small teams) bring unique skills and ways of thinking to their organisations. Individual coaching helps people recognise their style of thinking and those they must manage or work with.

This also helps people define their own way forward to create and manage the ideas they need to solve problems and act with conviction.


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